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Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
Yuneec – #Dronoma Media Experience
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  1. challenge

    Find a way to drive awareness among influential tech and lifestyle media on Yuneec as a brand, its products and the company’s vision as a leader in the space.

  2. Solution

    Press validation doesn’t come over night. It’s critical to fight for share-of-mind in a burgeoning drone marketplace that is adding newcomers by the day. We designed an immersive media experience with influential media to the wine country, giving the media an opportunity to connect face-to-face with company leaders in an intimate setting and try out the products in one of the world’s most picturesque locations. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it was critical that every element of the event, from the run-of-show to interactive product demos, went off without a hitch. Yuneec has a Tier 1 product and the media needed to get a Tier 1 experience.

  3. Results

    From experienced pilots to first-time flyers, editors from CNET, Popular Mechanics, TechCrunch and Engadget logged flight time with Yuneec Drones and picked the brains of the people behind the products. Attendees raved about the smooth experience and quickly gained trust in Yuneec’s product line and vision for the future. Multiple short- and long-lead placements have been directly attributed to this experience, paying for the activation costs many times over in equivalent ad value.

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