A giant in the tech space, Qualcomm wanted to make a BIG splash with consumer and lifestyle media by staging the ultimate “coming out” party. The event had to be BIG to showcase Qualcomm Snapdragon’s role in the mobile processor space. And if that wasn’t a BIG enough task, they also wanted to use the event to engage some of their biggest OEM partners: HTC, LG and Nokia.


The Brand Amp orchestrated a media showcase event at SIR Stage 37 in New York City featuring today’s hottest mobile devices. At the heart of the event was the Snapdragon-powered Ultimate Smartphone Photo Booth featured in a wildly popular viral video release just days before. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors were showcased in how they power today’s most popular smartphones and tablets. As part of the event, participating OEM partners HTC, LG and Nokia, were given lounge spacing to connect with attending media and promote their brands’ devices. To provide a live demonstration of the power of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, the Ultimate Smartphone Photo Booth was unveiled and media had the opportunity to interact with the booth and receive a GIF of their actions inside.


The event was attended by more than 100 top-tier consumer-media influencers. Through their participation, HTC, LG and Nokia had the opportunity to get their latest devices in front of a large group of influential media members, just in time for holiday gift guide considerations. As a direct result of the event, timely holiday placements were secured with consumer outlets such as Maxim Magazine, Complex Magazine, The SOURCE, TIME Magazine, Evolve Entertainment, NYLON Guys and Gear Patrol.