The Brand Amp was tasked with raising grassroots awareness for The END IT Movement, a campaign dedicated to shining a light on modern day slavery.


Ideas don’t always have to be complex to be effective. In April 2013, The Brand Amp set out with the END IT team to create Shine A Light on Slavery Day, harnessing the power of a simple but unifying symbol, the red “X.” This symbol became the international representation of the 27 million modern day slaves around the world today. A simple call to action, a red X and the undeniable grassroots power of social media generated a firestorm of support from celebrities, influencers and everyday people all over the globe.


People worldwide rallied behind the cause. Shine a Light on Slavery Day ignited a viral response on social media, led by celebrities and influencers putting red X’s on their hands. The call-to-action was amplified to millions via social media thanks to over 100 celebrities, highlighted by Carrie Underwood, Nick Cannon, Tim McGraw and Ian Somerholder. On April 9th, people everywhere put a red “X” on their hands to help raise awareness. Hundreds of thousands joined in, sparking a viral response on social media covered by CNN, Huffington Post, MSNBC and countless other news organizations.


Media Impressions