Develop a dynamic activation platform for mophie that effectively cuts through the intense brand clutter of SXSW, and drives significant awareness, affinity and consumer engagement for the brand.


For many mobile device users, running out of battery is a life and death emergency, and this is certainly true at SXSW. That fear led us to a totally unique and compelling activation concept. Inspired by the tales of St. Bernard rescue dogs in the Swiss Alps, the mophieRescue team partnered with the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation to help save SXSW attendees from dying phone batteries, while simultaneously raising awareness for dogs in need of loving homes and families. The team dispatched St. Bernard’s in Austin to deliver mophie power reserves to selected attendees. To participate, attendees tweeted @mophie using the #mophieRescue with their current location and a screen grab of their low battery icon. If chosen, winners were given a link to a Glympse interactive map that showed their rescue dog’s real-time location.


The mophieRescue team successfully conducted over 600 mobile rescues (including actress Jessica Alba) while raising national awareness for the St. Bernard Rescue Foundation. mophie’s partnership with the foundation created a powerful story that was featured in both local and national headlines among major publications including USA Today, Huffington Post, CBS News, AdWeek, Fast Company, Chicago Tribune, CNET, Mashable, and others. When it was all said and done, mophie was regarded as the brand that “stole the spotlight at SXSW.”


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