TBA was tasked with growing the Indian Motorcycle Influencer network, both in quantity of members and volume of posts, without a procurement budget.


Motorcycles offer something that even money can’t buy: experiences. So, instead of following in the footsteps of larger and wealthier competition, who spends tens of thousands of dollars to have consumers ride new motorcycles they’re trying to push and post captions they help craft; The Brand Amp focused our efforts on helping influencers fall deeper and deeper in love with riding in general by using Indian product to pursue the idealistic lifestyle on a motorcycle.

For some it meant bike loans at various shoot locations or the ability to take them on tour, for others, it meant bike loans for the times they were home from tour or in between jobs. For most, it meant time spent with Indian physically riding bikes, showing  them roads they’d never explored, food they’d never experienced and scenic locations with epic views allowing them to shoot incredible photography worthy of sharing with all their friends and following.

Furthermore, The Brand Amp entrenched them into the Indian lifestyle. We hosted them at events providing a well-cultivated experience core to motorcyclists – we made them feel a part of the Indian family. To pique their interest, we created one-off experiences based on their own ideas about what they would enjoy with their limited free time, while making it turnkey and seamless.

Finally, we placed minimal guidelines or expectations on the relationship as we wanted it to be organic. We required each influencer to be safe and respect the brand’s guidelines, but didn’t put any stringent deliverables, only asking them to share what  they felt appropriate. We laid the groundwork and teased them on upcoming activations and events the brand would be executing in the future to further whet their appetite and build their desire to continue being a part of the family. We turned something that is often very transactional into an opportunity to build a relationship making it very personal.


Within one year, The Brand Amp built Indian Motorcycle’s Influencer network from 40 active influencers to more than 70. Not only did the numbers grow, but our overall strategy of executing kick-ass events and building relationships enticed more popular influencers to come on board because of the experience and product, rather than the monetary value. As a result, the program went from 2.4 million engagements to 6.9 million with more than 202 million impressions. The influencers were so entrenched in the lifestyle and had become a part of the Indian family, they not only posted, but brought their friends and told them to post as well.