With the rise of COVID-19, the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders from the California government, even urgent cares were feeling the squeeze in foot traffic in mid-March. The majority of patients were staying home due to a fear of contracting the virus and a lack of awareness on what the safest route to examinations would be.


Working closely with a newly established Exer marketing team, The Brand Amp initiated an integrated marketing campaign designed to let consumers know that Exer clinics were safe to visit. A variety of initiatives were implemented in clinics, including waiting in cars, moving registration outside, significantly increased cleaning protocols, direct entry into exam rooms, etc. The real breakthroughs, however, took place with the launch of VirtualCare by Exer, a telemedicine platform that was developed and implemented in a week. An entire marketing campaign was developed during that same period designed to highlight how it worked, ease of use, cost and effectiveness. During the same window, we initiated an effort to make Exer’s Chief Medical Officer a regular guest on local market television shows. Dr. Brian Wilbur did a series of interviews with multiple stations discussing the evolving crisis from a medical perspective. The Exer team was also quick to secure COVID-19 and antibody testing kits, which served as massive media fodder for the brand.


  • A Paid Social Media program was developed and an expanded budget increased monthly avg. clicks from 78 to 11,000 within the month
  • Instagram and Twitter channels were launched to begin driving awareness and engagement regarding VirtualCare and COVID-19 testing at Exer Urgent Care
    • Facebook and Twitter channels were verified in a matter of days, helping to validate the brand during this crucial time
  • Increased SEM Impressions by 61% and clicks by 70%
  • Email Open Rate increase by 92% and CTR increase 180%
  • Website daily sessions increased by 154% 
  • Organic Facebook impressions increased 5x
  • A hero launch video for the VirtualCare by Exer platform was produced in two weeks