Launch the totally reimagined 2022 Indian Chief while celebrating the history and legacy of the iconic motorcycle.


The 1922 Indian Chief was an iconic motorcycle that greatly influenced the future of American cruisers. Now, 100 years later, The Brand Amp had the honor to launch the totally reimagined 2022 Indian Chief. Combining iconic, American V-twin style with modern performance and technology, the new Chief paid homage to the glory days when hitting the road to nowhere, with good friends and only the essentials, was the stuff of legends. Indian’s national advertising campaign championed this free-spirited road-tripping lifestyle with the tag line “Get Lost and Found At the Same Time.”


To bring this ethos to life, The Brand Amp curated a two-day ride and campout experience for endemic and non-endemic lifestyle media, as well as motorcyle Vloggers. The two-day ride was designed to not only showcase the motorcycle’s capability, but to exemplify what a minimalistic, middle-weight cruiser is all about, while allowing media to experience the essence of the old-school, minimalist “biker” road-trip lifestyle that’s at the heart of the Indian Chief.


In addition to the press ride, The Brand Amp coordinated an exclusive cover story with the industry’s premier magazine, Cycle World, timed to the launch of the Indian Chief as a measure to maximize exposure and engagement with core motorcyclists at launch, working in combination with a national wire distribution of an announcement press release for the new model.


The press ride was successful in accommodating two waves, totally more than 20 media guests, and providing the ideal platform to tell the Indian Chief story. In total, the overall effort generated more than 95 placements across endemic motorcycle media and mainstream lifestyle media, including cover stories with Cycle World, Rider Magazine and Thunder Press, and placements in Maxim, Inked Magazine, and more.