Indian Motorcycle’s Scout Rogue is a meaner, edgier iteration of the iconic Indian Scout. It draws inspiration from the crossover between moto street culture and skate-surf culture, and the unique attitude and sense of community those sub-cultures possess. To effectively launch this new model, Indian Motorcycle tasked The Brand Amp with developing a PR strategy that served two equally important objectives: providing media with an ample platform to test-ride the bike from a technical perspective, but also grounded the experience in a sense of SoCal street and action sports culture.


The Brand Amp developed a multi-day, immersive experience of the new Scout Rogue, with two core elements designed to meet these two unique objectives. First was an immersive ride experience, beginning on the idyllic Ventura County coastline and heading up through the motorcycle-friendly, winding mountain roads of Ojai’s Highway 33 – one of the more spirited and iconic motorcycle routes in California. Following the press ride, TBA worked in partnership with Vans, for an official VIP Scout Rogue industry launch party – a one-night industry event at Vans Headquarters in Orange County, CA. for motorcycle industry influencers, brand executives and other industry VIPs. The event featured quintessential Southern California food from In ‘N Out Burger and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, and live music from skate-punk powerhouse Urethane, led by iconic OG skateboarding legend, guitarist and avid motorcyclist/Indian Motorcycle ambassador, Steve Caballero.

In addition to conceptualizing the two-day launch festivities, The Brand Amp team provided overarching project management of the two events, including press ride route development, press material development, VIP party development and promotion, and onsite management of both events.


With an initial goal of 300 attendees for the Scout Rogue Industry Party, The Brand Amp exceeded the attendance goal with over 400 guests. As a quintessential Southern California skate and street culture brand, Vans Headquarters provided the ideal location to capture the essence of the Scout Rogue attitude, providing a fun-filled and memorable evening of, great food, great music and most of all great vibes for all in attendance.

TBA’s PR efforts for the Scout Rogue launch, including the immersive press ride, generated 62 total media placements and more than 145,863,305 media impressions.