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The Brand Amp is a Marketing and Communications Agency serving leading consumer electronics, lifestyle, sports and fitness brands. So what is the “Amp” all about? It’s about amplification through solutions that effectively deliver the tone and identity of a brand and its products to its desired audience.

What We Do

Some brands are loud and heavy, while others are smooth and sexy. Some are modern and technical, while others are vintage and organic. Regardless of the tone, every brand needs accurate and authentic amplification, and that’s where we come in. We make it our business to get inside the DNA of your business and your brand, delivering authentic solutions that reach the right audience, the right way, at the right time.

How We Do It

We amplify stories across nearly every marketing discipline, but our primary services include media/blogger relations, social media, promotions/sweepstakes and events. Plug into The Brand Amp and amplify your brand and your bottom line.

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“The Brand Amp is the only agency partner in my career that I continue to rehire as I work on new brands and businesses.  In each case, they have been an amazing partner. Even though they work with an amazing stable of well-known brands, I always feel like I am their number one client.  I never hesitate to recommend them to other brands…but I’d rather keep them all to myself!”

Jessica Klodnicki
Executive Vice President/General Manager

“DIRECTV has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with The Brand Amp team, and frankly, we would not entrust our reputation as the industry’s sports leader to anyone else. The Brand Amp answers the bell on every project with strategically sound, well-executed campaigns, generating massive awareness with millions of impressions, more than living up to its name.”

Robert Mercer
Senior Director of Public Relations

“We’ve worked closely with the team at The Brand Amp for several years, and they’ve become an invaluable extension to our marketing team. Besides being experts at what they do, they’re fast, nimble, and flexible, and always professional regardless of the circumstances that may arise. More importantly, they listen and understand our business needs, which allows them to make smart recommendations that are actionable within our breakneck pace.”

Lily Knowles
VP of Product Marketing
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the lineup

Marc is a co-founder of The Brand Amp and a 17-year PR & Marketing veteran. He brings a unique emphasis on story development and storytelling, taking pride in turning even the seemingly mundane into high drama. Marc’s career has been marked by variety, spanning a wide range of industries, with emphasis on sports, health & fitness and consumer electronics.

Danica’s athletic background in soccer has cultivated her love for fitness, sports, and adventure that she brings to The Brand Amp. She is eager and willing to do whatever it takes to make herself and everyone around her successful and thrives on the energy of her team. Danica prides herself on the fact that she rarely takes no for an answer, crediting her strong work ethic, attention to detail, and perseverance in the face of any challenge as key character traits that help her drive results for clients of The Brand Amp.

A California native, Eric spent the majority of his career working consumer brand PR for both global and start-up based agencies in Chicago. Eric has a deep passion for media relations and client management. His desire to create long-lasting professional relationships among clients and outlets keeps Eric’s network expanded from coast to coast.

the lineup

Jerry has 25 years industry experience, including 14 working for the fastest motor sport on the planet (NHRA) overseeing all corporate communication, media and public relations, broadcasting and video communications. Jerry’s transition to The Brand Amp brings the agency a wealth of strategic expertise and leadership. It also reunites him with former Hill & Knowlton colleagues, Todd and Marc.

Emily works across multiple accounts at The Brand Amp, with emphasis on lifestyle products, fitness and action sports. It’s not uncommon for her to be a hands-on participant within client events and programs, actively engaging in the very activities her clients purvey. Emily combines a unique tenacity in driving media coverage, with strong management and organizational skills.

Fi is a PR Intern at The Brand Amp. She comes from a social media and hospitality industry background and is quickly adding PR skills to her repertoire. With many years of working in fast-paced and interpersonal environments, Fi is always looking to anticipate needs and meet them in a proactive manner. She embraces challenging work and sees obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow in her field.

the lineup

Jillian is an outgoing and energetic member of The Brand Amp family. She brings a passion for building friendships with everyone she works with, whether it be clients, reporters, editors or co-workers. With her athletic background in cross country and track, Jillian is right at home working on The Brand Amp’s variety of sports and fitness clients.

Todd is a co-founder of The Brand Amp and brings with him more than 20 years marketing experience across a wide variety of client categories and marketing disciplines. He provides marketing strategy and creative platform development for The Brand Amp clients.

Chloe has built a solid foundation in the world of consumer PR since joining The Brand Amp family. She has become a go-to person for tech, fitness and lifestyle clients on a daily basis and is beloved by her clients and colleagues for her dependability, thoroughness and excellent attitude.

the lineup

Stena comes to The Brand Amp with a background in Digital Marketing and Graphic Design. Previously, she has spearheaded Marketing and Social Media campaigns in the action sports and niche apparel industries. Her success is driven by a great love of content creation not only on the social front, but also in the realm of design.

Amanda joined The Brand Amp team in 2014 and brings infectious enthusiasm and drive to her daily responsibilities. Enthralled by the creative, intellectual and social media aspects of the job, Amanda thrives on getting results across all aspects of PR. She prides herself on thinking outside of the box and is eager to go above and beyond to meet the needs of The Brand Amp’s clients.

Bernie is from Connecticut, but he loves everything about Southern California. He played college golf, and after graduation, spent a year as a sportswriter before joining the team. Bernie was a Brand Amp PR pro for his first year, and is now a member of the Social Media squad! He can be found crafting posts and engaging with followers in the social media command center.

the lineup

Mike has been with The Brand Amp for more than four years and works across multiple accounts, spanning a variety of industries. He enjoys learning from the different people, clients and co-workers he interacts with every day; while helping clients achieve their marketing and PR goals. Mike brings a no-fear attitude to his work, regardless if he’s pitching the Fresno Bee or The New York Times.

Erin is a PR veteran based out of the Washington D.C area. She brings an energy and relentless approach to media relations and publicity that is seemingly unmatched. Erin’s passion for PR is infectious, and shows in her ability to get the very best from the account teams she manages.

Nicole has a strong background in technology PR, but enjoys expanding beyond her specialty vertical when the opportunity presents itself. She loves the variety that working at an agency brings and how no two days are the same. Nicole is passionate about delivering results for her clients and building strong, lasting relationships with the media that allow her to work hand in hand with outlets to tell vivid stories that are impactful and engaging.

the lineup

Charley is a co-founder of The Brand Amp and oversees the agency’s consumer electronics and tech business. Driven by a relentless desire to deliver great results, his true passion lies in cultivating and growing relationships with co-workers, clients and media contacts.

LA born and bred and UW-Madison educated, Amy now resides in Carlsbad and is the in-house rep for the adidas Golf and Ashworth brands at TaylorMade Golf Company. Amy is a PR pro with 7+ years of agency experience working with a variety of clients including luxury, F&B, entertainment, sports and fitness, consumer goods and events.

Tim is a senior strategist with more than 13 years of PR experience. He has spearheaded successful integrated marketing campaigns and events across a wide variety of industries and for various national brands. Gilman is well versed in developing programs that merge traditional and social media to help brands connect with their target audience through timely and relevant storytelling.

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Lia joined the team in 2015 and brings unique public relations experience to The Brand Amp. Her background includes working for both global and boutique fashion PR agencies and handling numerous fashion, luxury, technology, non-profit and corporate brand accounts in the process. She is proud of her drive to go above and beyond on each project that’s handed to her and enjoys building lasting relationships with media members, clients and co-workers.

Brandon joined The Brand Amp in 2014. His background in athletics has taught him valuable leadership skills helping him to excel within The Brand Amp’s team atmosphere. Brandon is a tenacious “doer” who is always willing to step up and help with any project or pitch.

Brian enjoys The Brand Amp’s winning culture, allowing him to be surrounded by so many talented professionals on a daily basis. He is known amongst his peers as a talented writer and consummate team player who likes to make people laugh, while still working at a high level. Brian enjoys the art of storytelling through PR, social media and blogging, while also listing event management as an aspect of his job he enjoys most.

the lineup

They say those who can’t do, teach. Yet Zac left a teaching career to become a PR guy. Thus, he is a teacher that has been taught to be a doer. Zac has taken to PR like a duck to water, bringing tenacity to driving media coverage for his clients and a commitment to leaving no stone unturned when pitching media.

Jeff is The Brand Amp’s graphic designer. He has a passion for producing premium design on a daily basis and possesses a meticulous eye for maintaining ubiquitous brand consistency. Armed with a strong background in marketing and photography, Jeff looks forward to taking on any design challenge.

Christine comes to The Brand Amp with a strong background in teaching and education. She is passionate about community engagement and dedicating her time to see her clients succeed. Christine enjoys working in Social Media because of the creativity it requires and the fast-paced nature of the job.

the lineup

Zach has demonstrated a passion for media relations, grinding it out with the best of them to ensure his clients receive every bit of possible coverage. Zach is an invaluable “workhorse” taking on every assignment without fear or fail.

Katie has a passion for media relations and cultivating strong relationships with The Brand Amp clients she works with. She hails from the Mitten State (Michigan) and is a proud alumna of Saint Mary’s College in South Bend, IN. Katie is obsessively organized and will never be caught unprepared. She currently manages the VIZIO, Mattel and Lifefactory accounts and is always happy to step in and help as needed with other clients.

Delaney brings a relentless spirit to The Brand Amp team, well-known for her tenacity in stepping up to every challenge with a passion for perfection. Delaney prides herself on her ability to build strong client relationships through excellent communication and dependability.

the lineup

Nicole brings a passion for sports, fashion and all things public relations to The Brand Amp team. She is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the best results for clients and enjoys pursuing story opportunities with the biggest media outlets possible.

Allison brings a unique background in fashion PR to The Brand Amp. A devoted team player, she’s always eager to step up and help out wherever needed and do whatever it takes to get the job done right. Allison seamlessly works across multiple client accounts, and loves the diversity and opportunity to never stop learning that each day brings here at “the Amp.”

Jeff is a key player at The Brand Amp and plays an integral role in several accounts. He has a great reputation and passion for driving coverage and a motor that never seems to quit. Jeff is known for his leadership and dynamic ability to immerse himself in each of his clients’ brands.

the lineup

Chad comes to The Brand Amp with years of experience working in public relations and social media for music, fashion, and sports. He is passionate about building relationships, creating stories and driving coverage. His knowledge and existing connections with media, athletes and influencers make him a natural fit at The Brand Amp.

Karen’s unique expertise is grounded in her passion for developing and fostering work environments that are well-organized, efficient, relaxing, and ultimately allow staff to enjoy their work while realizing their full potential. Karen is The Brand Amp’s Swiss Army knife, wearing all admin/operational hats including: office manager, HR specialist, IT director and accountant.

Parris brings an adventurous spirit and a high energy personality to The Brand Amp. She prides herself in going above and beyond to get our clients noticed, and always embraces a good challenge. Her athletic background as a D1 swimmer makes her a great team player that is ready to dive into work everyday.

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Heather comes from the client side. Having worked with The Brand Amp for over three years at TaylorMade-adidas Golf and witnessing first hand the incredible energy and amazing ideas the agency was generating made it a no brainer to join the team. Heather brings over 16 years of PR experience in the athletic industry including corporate communications, executive messaging and brand marketing.

Nicole is the Assistant Office Manager at The Brand Amp. She acts as the right hand woman of Office Manager Karen Schaefer and assists in keeping The Brand Amp running smoothly on a daily basis. Nicole is always ready to take on any project and finds accomplishing everything on her long task list extremely fulfilling.

Vicky applies her passion for PR and media relations across many clients. Vicky has quickly earned a reputation as a strong contributor to campaign success. Driven by focus and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, she aims to build strong relationships with both clients and colleagues at The Brand Amp.

the lineup

Mike is a PR veteran with a passion for media relations and a willingness to go the extra mile to drive coverage. He is considered around the office to be a media-relations machine, with a keen ability to develop and foster long-lasting media relationships. Mike currently heads up the GLUKOS, DIRECTV and TRX accounts, while also “pinch hitting” where needed for other clients.

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