Morgan Tuxward

Chicago, IL

Morgan is a Public Relations Professional at TBA. As a Howard University alumna graduating amid a pandemic, Morgan started her professional career with the added drive of not letting a remote working setting prevent her from fully dedicating her drive and passion to PR. She loves connecting with people, overcoming challenges, and any opportunity to learn something new. Outside of PR, you can find her road-tripping across the country with her dog, Dallas, baking delicious baked goods and trying anything (within reason) at least once.

What’s your catchphrase?


If you woke up in a tv show, what show and role would you play?

Superman & Lois. I would be Clark Kent’s coworker and point out the suspicious similarities between him and Superman. (Superman’s disguise sucks).

What’s something people would find surprising about you?

I practice jiu jitsu and kickboxing.

Top 3 favorite places in Chicago...

Honeybear Café, James M. Nederlander Theater, Green Mill Lounge.