Paris Air Show


The Brand Amp PR team makes global splash for Archer Midnight eVTOL aircraft at Paris Air Show, the world’s premier aviation event.

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Archer Aviation, a leader in electric vertical and takeoff landing (eVTOL) aircraft, challenged The Brand Amp to garner global media coverage surrounding its Midnight aircraft’s European debut at the Paris Air Show. As the Paris Air Show is world’s premier and largest event dedicated to aviation and aerospace, Archer would compete for share-of-voice versus industry juggernauts that spanned well beyond eVTOL, including Boeing, Airbus, and government agencies from around the world. Ultimately, Archer needed to walk away from the show leaving no doubt in the media’s mind that they were the leader in the crowded eVTOL space.

The Brand Amp spearheaded the development and facilitation of a kick-off press conference that would welcome high-profile, global media and introduce the press to Archer’s eVTOL aircraft and the company’s vision for the future of Urban Air Mobility (UAM). The Brand Amp PR team aggressively engaged the show’s credentialled media list to drive awareness and press conference attendance. In addition, the team garnered exclusive one-on-one interviews with key spokespeople, including Archer CEO Adam Goldstein, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, as well as Archer’s newest executive hire, former FAA Administrator Billy Nolen, who accepted the position of Chief Safety Officer for Archer. While The Brand Amp team developed a robust briefing book with each executive’s interview schedule, a Brand Amp team attended the show to support and facilitate each interview and manage additional media opportunities while onsite.

Working as an integrated team, TBA Events spearheaded logistics for each custom bike builder, while the TBA Content team led creative and production of the six-video series. TBA’s Social Media team provided direction for social-first, channel-specific content clips, as TBA PR secured feature stories with lifestyle magazines, including Men’s Journal and Maxim, and core motorcycle outlets such as Cycle World and Bike Exif.

Taking a no-stone-left-unturned proactive pitch approach, The Brand Amp PR team exceeded the highest expectations and elevated Archer’s reputation as a major player in the aviation industry and positioned the brand as a clear leader in eVTOL aircraft. The PR team’s tenacious outreach secured high-profile interviews with outlets including AP, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Guardian, and more. Efforts resulted in coverage with CNBC, Business Insider, Autoweek, Electrek and many more. In total, The Brand Amp PR team booked nearly 20 one-on-one exclusive interviews and garnered 139 total placements, accounting for a global audience reach of more than 1.5 billion.

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